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edsondouglas - 6/7/2009 10:04:24 PM
Power of Words
Last friday I was in a Financial Math Test in college. The test it was like almost impossible to solve all questions. But for a little time I remembered the words from Donald Trump: Never, Never, Never give up!. So, I repeated these words to myself in loud voice. When the test was finished, I discovered I got an A.
I believe in the power of words.
jacaul00 - 6/7/2009 11:21:37 PM
First and foremost, thank you for this unique way to participate.

Re: words - spot on.

The lesson learned is that we mentally/spiritually have the ability to create and words are what we use. If misused because of our lack of education or knowledge in general would make no difference. We have still been given that power to create. In this respect, I guess words are a tool.

jkaja1 - 6/8/2009 8:33:50 AM
Re: Becoming More Powerful
Around 1995 I was a partner in a company that failed and I had to file for bankruptcy. For the 10 years that followed (and a few years after) I was terrified of any kind of debt and did not even think of making any kind of investment. Still I found myself getting into bad debt and living beneath my means because I believed what I was told that that is being "responsible." Neadless to say, my investments were minimal and only in paper assets (mutual fund). I'm just recently starting to realize how the words I used and the words I accepted as truth have kept me from attaining assets as you define them. Reading your books have really started to change my way of thinking and I pay much more attention to the words I use. I have adopted your definition of what an "asset" and "liability" are. But to be honest, I am still a mental infant when it comes to financial knowledge. So like any infant, I just keep trying to learn more everyday and trying to change my reality.
saved4live - 6/8/2009 4:12:56 PM
words and my understanding
Robert thank you for this great opportunity.Through your resources i have become a new man.
Words of our mouth validates the thought of our heart.As a man thinketh in his heart so is he.When we utter words ,it simply cement and make concrete what our heart had believed which eventually becomes what our lives would become.I have been a victim of negative thought and by extention negative words.It is one of the heritages of the poor dad.My heart is changing now,my words are changing and i tell you my life is changing.The words we speak goes along way to channel our energy to what we believe.When we say we can't,everything that hears respond that truly one cannot.our lives remain faithful to what we have said until a change comes.This impacts our life ,our finances inclusive.
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jruddinib - 6/8/2009 6:31:04 PM
You Really Want To Know The Power of Wealth
Take a look at your balance sheet. Do you have more assets then and income then income form a job? If so, you know the power of wealth, if not, you need to work on it. Keep in mind, that money is used as an exchange for something you want. You give me money, I give you a financial education book that will help you understand money and help you for the rest of your life. You see, money is only used as an exchange. What are you exchanging your money for that can help you to exchnage your way up to being wealthy?

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cri8 - 6/9/2009 4:28:35 PM
i totally agree with Robert on the power of words. the Bible is replete with examples of how words shape our destinies. in Genesis, the Bible says God spoke and everything came into being. He created the world by the words of his lips.
it's amazing how people use the wrong words in every aspect of their lives, saying things like: I 'm dying, I 'm broke, etc.
Thank you Robert for changing our lives.
cri8 - 6/9/2009 4:39:43 PM
really stupid!
yeah! words are really stupid things invented by a group of persons to confuse others.
here's an example:
i studied civil engineering in university, and i just recently started this business involving leasing and hiring of equipments/machines. mechanical stuffs, you know. of course, this involves a whole lot of maintenance operations. when i started, it was all very confusing. i mean the words. i started hearing things like: Sprocket, Gears with funny names, etc. I felt like Columbus! Now, just by understanding the words and associating them with different objects, a vista of understanding has opened up. I think this happens in every field.
Jadetiger - 6/10/2009 6:17:03 PM
Well, I would have to say that because my mom was a transcriptionist and a legal secretary my understanding of words was pretty good for most of my life.

But to the point I experienced other people being confused by my communication methods. When I would substitute a word for something I didn't like, most people wouldn't grasp my voice!

It's been literally like playing a videogame, where it's okay to say what you want as much as you want. But when something important happens and others can help or even act as a way to help me succeed then it's like talking to a television that can't respond.

A cool visual fest, but in the end I have run into the fact people don't want to assist a person, from words, if it means they won't make as much or more then you. All though, no one can ignore body language.
jsb17 - 6/14/2009 6:28:55 PM
Words and understanding
The Art of Peace by Morihei Ueshiba states, "Your voice is a very powerful weapon" (Page 7, 1992, John Stevens). I think for the most part our voice has become a weapon, because our actions are what truly speaks for us. In this respect, our voice has evolved to a "Darwinian misfiring", as evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins would say.

Take finance: There only two types of debt: secured and unsecured. Secured debt is truth while unsecured debt is a lie. My ultimate interpretation from reading six of your books is to invest where there is a security.

That's all one needed to understand how the recent house of cards would collapse. Very simple. But an enormous financial vocabulary has been invented to make us believe finance is somehow more complicated, and it isn't. Everything comes down to the security. That is why I believe words are more of a weapon than an instrument of peace.

Take for example, these words, "Do you solemnly swear to take this man as your lawfully wedded husband, until death do you part?". Obviously, in America these words are used as a weapon of deceit rather than an instrument of commitment.

Robert, you are still married to your wife Kim. It was your actions of remaining tenacious in Vietnam and your longevity in the Merchant Marine Academy, and remaining committed to your Rich Dad's financial education even when you failed that demonstrated your belief system of commitment, not your words on your wedding day.

Words do expose our belief system. But if someone lies, their vocal inflection and body language will fail them (listen to how often politicians and media gurus stud-d-der or watch how they point their eyes toward the ground). I think that is why complex nomenclatures are invented; so people can deceive themselves first, so they can lie to others with a straight face and dry palms.

There exist only four combinations:

1. People with false beliefs who lie.
2. People with false beliefs who tell the truth.
3. People with correct beliefs who lie.
4. People with correct beliefs who tell the truth.

Only category 4 from the list above gives you the truth. Most people are in category 2, even at the highest levels of society. The fewest number of people are in category 4.

Studying a subject means learning a new vocabulary. But at the core, all subjects are the same. Whether it's finance or medicine or fractals or thermodynamics or racism, or any other subject, there are only a few common structures, constants, and proportions that govern how literally everything in the universe works.

For this reason, every subject is simple. If learning a subject proves difficult or complex, then either the instructor or the student is not in category 4 from above. Since category 4 has the fewest number of people to begin with, that is why so few people learn.

- Jonathan
audrey - 6/15/2009 10:05:55 PM
I completely believe that my words dictate my destiny. They have for a long time, since I took word for word, just as RK did, that the word became flesh.

I've gone to God with my words ever since.

Not once, but three times when I asked God to give me money, he did just that.

Once while standing in front of a bank talking with a friend, $25 blew across the ground in front of me and a nice woman was kind enough to point out that my money was blowing away!

Another time, I found $20 on the ground getting out of my car.

And again, while I was at a ski resort - I found a ticket in the bathroom, which I sold for $60.

Each time I asked, I received, specifically too I might add. Made my day!! (And, I have witnesses so don't go there)
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