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Robert - 2/5/2009 2:13:30 AM
Your thoughts on the Federal Reserve?
[Page 9] Is the Federal Reserve System as described a new concept for you? What are your thoughts on the Fed not being a "federal institution, not a bank, and . . . having no reserves"?
gumbosin - 2/5/2009 4:00:29 AM
Basis of the Conspiracy
The Federal Reserve seems to be the basis of the conspiracy...a conglomerate organized by the richest of the rich to protect their own interests. It does appear that the President answers to this entity and only serves to protect the system, not the taxpayer. Obama has made that clear by appointing a new treasury secretary who is a tax evader.
nafiaywazi - 2/5/2009 4:27:18 AM
rescue bail out
Somebody went bankrupt. He is alcoholic, gambler,and drug abuser.
You went to solve his problem: Oh.... you have financial crisis, I must do something, I must help you,you are bankrupt, her is $100 for you, this will solve all your problems.

plabudotcom - 2/5/2009 5:24:37 AM
Robert, I don't think this book could have been more timely. More people online are looking for a remedy in the financial system than ever before. You have people like Mary Croft, Winston Shrout, Jordan Maxwell, Sam Kennedy, and Davide Icke saying that the financial system is a total fraud and more people are finding out that there is an Unlimited Line Of Credit available...

Everybody is finding out about the Federal Reserve system and its ability to monetize debt + practice Fractional Reserve Banking.

There is people in the movement against the banks saying that a solution to the whole thing is the 1099-OID form filed with the IRS. Could you comment on this or possibly verify it.

A good topic for your book may be to include the cyber, info war going on by hundreds of thousands of people trying to find a remedy to the Federal Reserve System.


Winston Shrout is doing a seminar in Phoenix, AZ in April. Thousands of people are so desperate to avoid Foreclosure they are willing to bet their futures on an IRS filing. This would be a great bit for your book.

Look at sites like the http://www.redemptionservice.com

Robert, I have done a lot more research on this topic and would like to know if it would be alright if we met up and talked about this. Because of reading your books, I have basically quit my job and put my life on hold so I could discover the secrets of the proverbial "matrix" we as the working class are living in.

I am 20 years old and think I may feel like you felt as a young man sitting there in Fuller's classes hearing what he had to say abuot all this. I believe we basically share the same life mission. I would really just like to bounce my ideas off of you and maybe if we connect the dots together we can find out the bigger picture. I have read the Federal Reserve Act and studied all the other central banking systems of the world. I have read over 300 books on this subject. I knew it was my mission to expose this monster the moment I discovered it.

I have no money right now because I have been studying so much. If you don't accept the invitaion, I will mow grass for a few weeks and raise enough Federal Reserve Notes so that I can hitch hike from Florida to your area and find you if I have too. I have to know how this thing works. You have captured my soul and freed me from the thing just by writing what you have written so far in all your books.

I can verify that you are right, there is an Unlimited Line Of Credit. The question in the movement right now is: How do we tap it?

Hopefully, your Conspiracy Of The Rich book will help me FREE my mind from the Conspiracy and allow me to opt-out. I can't stand it anymore and am sick of being treated like a dirty slave because I was born into a corrupt system. Our generation didn't choose this. We were involuntarily born into bondage because of the previous generations.

At least somebody from your era has the balls enough to speak out against GRUNCH. I hope my generation can tear down the walls.
jomarhilario - 2/5/2009 9:16:39 AM
what is the FRS?
I think it needs more explanation what it is, if it's not a bank and has no reserves..then

a) what does it do?
b) what does it say it does?
c) what are people's perception of what it is?


JZS International LLC - 2/5/2009 1:52:50 PM
From Consumer Driven Economy to Government Driven Economy
The Federal Reserve or the Feds is not really a new concept to me but the exact understanding of who they are is still a mystery as I believe it is intended to be. The American people have been brainwashed into thinking that Government will solve all of thier problems just to get them to continue in the Rat Race. If this isn't slavery in a sense, then I don't know what is. The biggest lie that " We the People" have been told is to go to School, work hard, get good grades and go out and find yourself a safe, secure job. It is time to Stand up and be motivated. Have a reason to Act with a clear concise plan of Action towards a Common Goal which should be Financial Independence. I know people who will protect their time and if they have to work hard in the traditional sense they will not do it anymore. The Main Goal of Government is to keep the American worker, working, earning and spending all in the name of the economy. Here is a new concept I learned just Yesterday in South Carolina. A politician spoke before our group and said that Kensian Theory would be tested in this Administration and instead of it being an Consumer Driven Economy, it will now be a Government Driven Economy. It Sounds too much like Soacialism to me and we know the next step could be Communism. In terms of the FEDS aren' they a conglomerate of Owners of Private Banks throughout the World?
mbotta - 2/5/2009 2:26:09 PM
Money is an agreement between people to trust the value that is printed on a piece of paper. That trust needs a foundation: the people themselves, rather than an unaccountable clique serving their own interests.

We should pull the responsibility of our transaction system, including monetary policy and banking functions, right back to where it belongs: under democratic control of the people.
mbenders - 2/5/2009 3:19:15 PM
Federal Reserve System, the Holy Roman Empire, and Laws
What you said about the Federal Reserve System reminds me of what I once read about the Holy Roman Empire. It wasn't holy; it wasn't Roman; and it wasn't an empire. What name is given to an entity has a lot to do with how is is perceived, which is why the names that Congress gives to different bills often misrepresents the purpose For example, the proposed card-check bill to deprive workers of a secret ballot and certify a union based on the ability of organizers to get in their faces is called an employees' free choice act.
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Anastasha - 2/5/2009 3:45:08 PM
FD reserve
That is certainly a new concept to me although I am aware that business was too close especially in the beiginning of the 20th century to the government through the trust organisations. I am also suprised about the idea that pouring money into business is just covering up for people's mistakes and not stimulating the economy-the Keynesians for example state that it does help the economy and many govts of the world tried this around the world with mixed results but I always thought that it was a policy failure and not a policy that had different intentions right from the beginning-talk about conspiracy !
hshafter - 2/5/2009 4:07:38 PM
Federal Reserve
I always imagined the Federal Reserve as a large building with a lot of bills in it and a machine for making more when they ran out. So I'm not sure how far off I was. I still don't quite get how the Federal Reserve printing more bills helps the rich exactly. I mean, the rich already have plenty of bills... I wonder what would happen if we didn't have a Federal Reserve.
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